The Wild West is a location in the center of the island where people like to meet. From Wild West you can walk south to the MnF Alley, west to MnF Metropolis and east to the Meadows Park.

At the moment there are two places you can visit at the Wild West: the Motel and the Saloon.


On the north we have the Motel. The Motel is divided into five blocks (A to E) with ten rooms each, making 50 rooms in total you can use to meet and fuck with other players. You can walk into the different blocks but you can't enter a room unless you rented one or got invited to one.

To rent a room you have to go to the receptionist in the lobby. A room costs $100 per hour. Often the receptionist tells you that all rooms are occupied. You don't have to quit and talk to the receptionist again to see if a room got free, instead you can just keep the window open and wait until a room turns green.

If you're a premium user and you have a Petnis you can watch the receptionist fuck it.


Another point of interest in Wild West is the Bar or Saloon. Here you can find a magazine where Premium female avatars can purchase the Farm Girl Outfit for $700, and a Western Hat for all Premium users for $500.

Sanders Sisters

Here people can play the Strip Rodeo mini-game to earn some easy cash with the help of the sisters Nikki and Vikki. For each ten seconds you stay on the bull the girl you chose takes off one piece of clothing and you'll earn $10. Players can also make bets between them on who will stay longer on the bull.

If you have purchased the Double Ended Dildo from the Street Hustler you can ask them to fuck each other with it for $500.


You can also walk up the stairs to the Cabaret located on the first floor. Here you can find the Harlequin Hat, available to all players for $500.