Shooting Game


The Shooting Game can be found in the shooting gallery at the top of the red heat map area.

The game consists of multiple rounds in which the player must shoot at static and later moving targets with three distinct classes of weapons which consist of a 9mm handgun refered to as the russian made makarov which was the standard sidearm of soviet era forces, a KS-23 shotgun which is the largest caliber shotgun currently in use utilizing barrels originally made for anti aircraft guns which were cut down to size for use and a standard AK-47 assault rifle. All of the weapons used are russian made from the USSR/Soviet era in a possible reference to Oksana's russian background and supporting the theory of a background in the soviet military.

Players are scored on shots fired and accuracy and awarded a varying amount of money at the end of the game based on these scores.

Oksana will also strip off more clothing with each successive round with the final round leaving her in just her ammo belt and a khaki green thong.