There are several sex positions you can use when you have sex with another character. Currently there are 13 positions for straight couples, one lesbian sex pose and three threesome poses. Most of those position require a Premium account to be learned and performed.

As a premium user you can buy new positions at the Sexual Wisdom Temple in exchange for experience points (EXP). Non-premium users can see some premium sex poses if they have sex with a premium user of the opposite sex, here the premium user can select the poses that they have unlocked.

You can get a preview of most positions by looking at the category page of this wiki. You can learn more about sex act and experience points here.

Sex position Player Partner Availability EXP Requirements
Doggy Style M F
Pirate's Bounty M F
Rodeo F M
Oral Therapy F M
Scissoring F F
Pearly Gates M M
Petnis Fuck M/F F Premium Petnis
Spooning M F 750 EXP
Climbing the Tree M F Premium 1,000 EXP
Muff Diving M F Premium 1,250 EXP
Full Nelson M F Premium 1,500 EXP
Pile Driver M F Premuim 2,000 EXP
Boob job F M 750 EXP
Get On Top F M Premium 1,000 EXP
Sixty-Nine F M Premuim 1,250 EXP
Reverse Cowgirl F M Premium 1,500 EXP
Naughty Connection F F Premium 1,500 EXP Dildo
Split Poundage F M Premium 2,000 EXP
Share the Love M/F MF/MM Premium 3,000 EXP Threesome
Orgasmic Unity M/F FF/MF Premium 3,000 EXP Threesome
Double Penetration M/F MF/MM - 3,500 EXP Threesome

Sex position updates

  • The update on 04/19/16 brought us 'Full Nelson', a new sex position for male avatars; with this addition non-premium users can now buy the pose 'Spooning' which was previously a premium pose.
  • The 07/28/16 update introduced a new sex position for female avatars called 'Reverse Cowgirl' whilst changing the previously premium pose 'Boob job' to a non-premium pose.
  • The 09/07/16 update introduced the first threesome pose to the game called 'Share the Love', which is a MMF pose. The update also changed the in-bed functionality by making all sex scene options for each position available at the start of the round, allowing you to skip the positions you don't want to do.
  • 10/19/16 saw the update which brought us the second threesome pose, 'Orgasmic Unity', this time being a FFM pose.
  • The premium male sex pose Pile Driver was added in the 01/11/17 update.
  • 02/28/17 saw the update which brought us the third threesome pose, Double Penetration', being a MMF premium pose.
  • 04/19/17 allows players to use the "Climb the Tree" position outside of beds. For nows, it only works in the public baths showers, but it should be added to hotel rooms showers in a near futur.
  • The 04/26/17 update introduced "Pearly Gates" as first pose for gay sex or male with male. The pose works on bed.
  • On the 16/06/2017, the second lesbian "Naughty connection" pose was added, along a new NPC to practice it at Vodka Bar in the Red Heat region.