Sex can be started by a player either by getting into bed with another player in the Motel or Hotel Plaza or by choosing a sex partner at Mme Olivia's Private Club (which won't give you any EXP points). Currently either a man and a woman or two women can have sex together (though women can't choose another woman for sex at the Private Club). They are now few premium poses allowing threesome.

The first person in bed is the host and can choose the starting position and number of rounds. Each round consists of a number of stages in a certain animation. The host controls the first round and decides when to advance or change stages, as well as control the action manually. Once all the stages have been completed, the other player is given the option to move onto the next round, in which they are given control and are able to pick one of their animations. Players take turns controlling each round. The player controlling the last round is able to pick from a number of orgasm options (facials, creampies, etc.) depending on the animation.

Sex experience

After sex, each player will earn sex experience, provided that they finished all rounds. This experience can be used at the Sexual Wisdom temple to learn new sex positions.

Here is an empiric and unconfirmed list of some parameters thought to influence the sum of EXP points gotten at the end of sex.

  1. The partner level / Status : the highest the better. Premium players give more exp to their partner than non-premium.
  2. The room quality : you will get more in a VIP room than in a hotel room, and much less in a motel room. (see the hotel and motel pages for more details)
  3. The number of rounds : themore the merrier !
    • As the initiating player has a higher level, the maximum number of rounds will increase. A lvl1 player can choose up to 3 rounds when a lvl4 player can have up to 6 rounds.
  4. The number of time you had sex with the same person : The second time gives more exp than the first one, then sex exp decrease to zero in a few more bed-game. The counter is said to reset after 48 hours.
  5. It would seem than more expensive to unlock position give more experience than the cheaper ones : i.e. the Pile Diver position gives much more than Doggy Style.
  6. Delaying the round switching has a huge impact the exp given : the longer you stay on a specific position, the more exp you will get in the end.