Red Heat is a location in the north-east of the island. From Red Heat you can walk south to the Waterfall.

There are four places you can visit at Red Heat: the Bar Vodka, Shooting Range, and two Clothing stores.

Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery is the location where Oksana Krivokon and the Shooting Game mini-game can be found.

Furry Flurry

Furry Flurry are two clothes stores found beside the Shooting Gallery. They are divided into two catagories: Costumes and Headwear.

In the costumes store, Premium female avatars can buy the only current item: the Cat Tail Furry Costume for $700.

In the Headwear store, there are a selection of Premium and non-Premium items which can be bought, the complete list is found below.

  • Ushanka: $500 (Premium)
  • Barbarian Helmet: $500 (Premium)
  • Cat Ears: $500
  • Bunny Ears: $300
  • Devil Horns Headband: $300

Bar Vodka

The Bar Vodka is a bar with a big dance floor and four dancing poles. The four poles can be used by Premium female avatars to work as strippers. Anyone who wishes to watch can click on the pole occupied by a stripper, and while watching the stripper can be tipped.

Premium females can buy the Stripper Outfit here from the catalogue on the table for $800, at the bottom of the club. Premium males can also buy the Elephant G-string for $300 here, but as of yet can not work as strippers.