Abdul is currently the only NPC to be seen in the Oasis

The Oasis is a location on the far west of the island. From this location you can walk south to the MnF Metropolis.

There are currently three locations at the Oasis, the Oasis Pearl Garments and Headwear stores, the Baths and the Casino

Oasis Pearl Garments and Headwear

There are two clothing shops in the area called Oasis Pearl. They are divided into a garments and headwear store on either side of the Casino. The current items sold there are:

  • Harem Costume: $1,200 (Premium, female characters only)
  • Swat Costume: $800 (Premium, male characters only)
  • Turban with feather: $500
  • Genie Hat: $300 (Premium, female characters only)
  • Face Veil: $100 (Premium, female characters only)


The Baths is a communal area towards the right of the Oasis. Players who wish to enter the baths must be at least Level 3 or a Premium member for Abdul to grant you access. Players must also get naked to come inside.

Inside there is a large bath in the center of the room, with six functioning showers on the two sides. Since the 04/19/17 update, it is now possible to have sex in the showers, the pose being a modified version of Climbing the Tree. (One premium player required)



The Casino is a communal area situated at the top of the oasis where players can make bets and win money playing a variety of casino-style games. Currently the only game available is the "titty slot" machine where players can bet up to $50 and win up to 200x their bet. The machines feature custom adult artwork versions of more traditional slot machines including the bar and cherries. Based on other unfinished games included in the casino area there appears to be plans to add blackjack, roulette and poker to this area for players to enjoy however this is unconfirmed at this time.