Added in the 04/14/17 update, the bank has two very demanded functions. It allows players to transfer money from one avatar to another, and to buy in game money with real money.

You can find the MnF National Bank in Southern MnF. You can access its services by talking to the Bank Teller behind the desk.

Transfer Money

You can send money to another avatar as long as you can spell their name correctly. You will be asked their name and how much you want to send.

The game will show you an image of the player you gave the name of to confirm that you didn't make any mistakes. Only premium players can send money, but all can receive.

Buy Money

You can buy InGame Money with real Money there.

  • The rate is 5$ to buy 5,000$.
  • The payment is made using the Vendoo Services already in use to buy premium accounts.