MnF Metropolis is a big city on the west of the island. From MnF Metropolis you can walk southeast to the Wild West, southwest to Southern MnF and west to the Oasis.

At the moment there are two places you can visit at MnF Metropolis: the Hotel Plaza, Designer Eyewear and Hats & Caps.

Hotel Plaza

The Hotel Plaza has six floors with ten rooms each and two VIP floors with five rooms each, making it 70 rooms in total you can use to meet and fuck with other players. You can walk onto the different floors but you can't enter a room unless you have rented or are invited to one. Only premium users can walk onto the VIP floors and rent a VIP room. You can also use the two elevators on the left side of the lobby to get to the different floors.

To rent a room you have to go to the receptionist in the lobby. A normal room costs $200 per hour. Often the receptionist tells you that all rooms are occupied. You don't have to quit and talk to the receptionist again to see if a room becomes available, instead you can just keep the window open and wait until a room turns green.

Designer Eyewear

At this shop you can buy different glasses in different colors for your character.

  • Modern Eyeglasses/Sunglasses: $300
  • Harry Lennon Eyeglasses/Sunglasses: $500 (premium)
  • Nerd Style Eyeglasses/Sunglasses: $200 (premium)
  • Grandma Style Eyeglasses/Sunglasses: $100 (premium)
  • Monocle: $600 (premium)

Hats & Caps

At this shop you can buy different hats in different colors for your character.

  • MNF Cap: $200
  • Fedora: $600
  • Beanie: $800
  • Xmas Hat: $200
  • Asian Straw Hat: $400 (premium)
  • Top Hat: $600 (premium)
  • Pimp Hat: $1,200 (premium)
  • Flat Cap: $500 (premium)
  • Propeller Hat: $500 (premium)