The MnF Alley is a shady place in the center of the island. From the MnF Alley you can walk west to the Wild West, south to the Lagoon Beach and east to the Meadows Park.

At the moment there are three places you can visit at the MnF Alley: the Private Club, the Hair Salon an the Street Hustler.

Private Club


Madame Olivia as she can be seen in the Private Club

Madame Olivia

You can go to Mme Olivia's Private Club to fuck other player's characters who work there as whores. You have to pay money for each round with them, but you won't get any EXP points for the fuck.

You can also work there as a whore yourself. You can set the price other players will have to pay for a round of sex (from $30 up to $200) with your character, but Madame Olivia will keep 50 % of all the money you earn. You can work there for one to five hours and when you do so you'll get logged off from the game. Once you log back in you'll stop working at the club and get all the money you've earned.

You can click on Madame Olivia's panties to pull them aside and expose her pussy lips. If you're a premium user you can also use your Petnis to fuck her after you gave her $1,000.

Hair Salon

At the hair salon you can change the looks of your character. The prices are as followed:

  • Hair Style: $200
  • Eyebrows: $25
  • Beard: $25 (men only)
  • Moustache: $25 (men only)
  • Chest: $50 (men only)
  • Pubic: $50
  • Hair Color: $100

If you're a premium user and you have bought a Petnis you can also watch the haircutter fuck with it, but you have to give her $500 so she would do it.

Street Hustler

The Street Hustler is hiding at the trash cans between the Hair Salon and the Private Club and will show every now and then. He'll sell you Penis Growth Pills for $200 which you can use at Dr. Boobige's Clinic and a Double Ended Dildo for $300 which you can use on the Sanders Sisters.