Mini-games are the in game method of earning money, of which there are currently 4 to choose from:

  • Flappy Petnis - located in the Petnis Forest, the game lets you control a flying petnis chasing an NPC while avoiding hands trying to grab it.
  • Glory Hole Frenzy - located at the Lagoon Beach, the game puts you control of a glory hole box.
  • Shooting Game - located in the Shooting Gallery at the north end of Red Heat, the game lets you test your marksmanship skills with a variety of guns.
  • Strip Rodeo - located inside the Saloon in the Wild West, the game lets you control an NPC on an American style mechanical bull.
  • The Casino - accessible from the oasis, to the north. You can only play slot machines for now, but some more games will be added later (according to the developers). Please note you can also lose money there.