The Meadows Park is in the center of the island. From the Meadows Park you can walk northwest to the Waterfall, west to the Wild West, east to the Petnis Forest and southwest to the MnF Alley.

At the moment there is only one place you can visit at the Meadows Park: the Museum of Sex Art.

Museum of Sex Art

At the Museum of Sex Art you can submit your own erotic pictures or look at those other users have submitted. You can click on any picture in the galleries to enlarge it, see the user who submitted it and rate it once with one to five stars. After rating a picture you can see it's current average rating.

Submit Your Artwork

You can submit your own artwork by talking to the museum's archivist Shantel Dickson in the reception area. You will be prompted to browse your PC for the file you want to submit to the gallery.

Shantel also will explain you what kind of pictures you can submit: “pretty much anything related to sex and erotism. Hot selfie, candid shot, nude picture, sexy drawing or sketch”. There are two basic requirements: “Submitted material should not violate any copyrights or trademarks.” and “All depicted characters must be 18 years or older”.

If you are a premium user and you have purchased a Petnis you can also fuck Shantel with it, but you first have to seduce her with a bouquet of Moon Flowers you can get from the gnomes inside the Cave.

Recent Exposition

The recent exposition is on the ground floor and contains four rooms with 25 pictures each.

Weekly Best

This gallery is on the left side of the upper floor and shows the 25 best rated pictures of the current week.

All Time Best

This gallery is in the middle of the upper floor and shows the 25 best rated pictures of all time.

Monthly Best

This gallery is on the right side of the upper floor and shows the 25 best rated pictures of the current month.

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