The Lagoon Beach is a place on the south of the island. From the Lagoon Beach you can walk north to the MnF Alley.

At the moment there are three places you can visit at the Lagoon Beach: Dr. Boobige's Clinic, Pamela Andrews and Bikinis & Swimwear.

Dr. Boobige's Clinic

You can surgically change your character at Dr. Boobige's Clinic. The prices are as followed:

  • Abdomen: $1,000 (men only)
  • Breast: $1,000 (women only)
  • Areola: $500 (women only)
  • Nose: $500
  • Lips: $300
  • Jaw: $1,000
  • Eyes: $1,000
  • Ears: $500

If you have the Penis Growth Pills from the Street Hustler you can give them to Dr. Boobige and watch him fuck his sexy assistant.

Pamela Andrews

You can visit the beach's lifeguard Pamela Andrews towards the bottom right of the beach to play the game Glory Hole Frenzy and earn some money.

Bikinis & Swimwear

This shop sells different bikinis and swimsuits.

Men Women
  • Swim Shorts: $500
  • Swimming Briefs: $300 (premium)
  • V-String Bikini: $500
  • Bandeau Halter Bikini: $600 (premium)