Flappy Petnis is a mini-game accessed by talking to Lara Bubblebutt, who can be found in the Petnis Forest. In the mini-game the player must control a flying petnis that is following Lara Bubblebutt and guide it between hands stretching out to grab it. The object of the game is to get as far as possible for the girl to remove all of her clothing, which occurs at 300ft, and to earn the most money. The money rewarded increases with distance travelled, to a maximum reward of $50 obtained at about 290ft.

The income of Flappy Petnis appears to be on par with the Strip Rodeo mini-game, providing the same maximum of $50 at about 50 seconds into the mini-game, same as the rodeo. As this mini-game's reward is based on distance, instead of just clothing removed like in the rodeo, it could be argued this one is even better for generating income. This is because if you fail 49 seconds into the mini-game, you will still be rewarded for the distance travelled so far, unlike the rodeo where you would only be rewarded for the clothing removed so far, the last being at 40 seconds in. If you're confident in your abilities however, it simply becomes a matter of preference.